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Friday, October 1, 2010

Tick or Treat!

HiRez has just posted some information the first of several October/Halloween Events! Quoted from the official forums:

########### Begin Quote ###########
Some of you have probably noticed the pest problem that has developed recently. It seems our Recursive neighbors have infiltrated several Dome City locations. We are currently unaware of their intentions, but we will remain vigilant in our pursuit of an answer!

As part of our research, we are enlisting all Agents who receive this message. If you are reading this, you are part of the solution. It will take some time and diligence, but A.R.M. is confident in your abilities to assist in the eradication of this menace!

You will need to locate as many of the Ticks as possible.
They seem to be harassing our vendors more than anything else. They are most likely leeching power and data to accelerate the expansion of nearby colonies. Melissa Carter was heard screaming, "Hey ya'll! There's ticks all over my goodies!" Ava Lockhart has actually recruited new agents straight from the Commonwealth test tube.

Like most situations you experience in and around Dome City, it sounds like you've got some competition. Use the following list to report your findings:

Dome Travel -
Assault Shop -
Medic Shop -
Robo Shop -
Recon Shop -
Agency Center (top) -
Strike Force Equipment -
Control -
Proteus -
Genolab -
Cyber Cuts -
Auction House -
Prototyping -
Shipping & Receiving -
Hawk’s -
Dyes -
Carter’s -
Misc (not in a shop) -
Total -

We do not want to expend more energy than necessary to eliminate this problem.
When you submit your report, you must not have us looking for more Ticks than are actually present in any given area. Because we need accurate numbers and not overestimations, we have secured a very special facilitator from a cryogenics lab in Antarctica. Please submit your results to the facilitator in an expedient manner:
(Remember: He wants the closest estimates without going over the correct amount.)

The 5 agents who submit the most accurate list in the fastest timeframe will be rewarded handsomely for their work.

Let the search begin!

What are the rewards?
1,000 credits per Tick for the top 5, and there's a lot of Ticks.

What Dome are they in?
You need to Dome hop to find them all. There are no duplications. If they are in Carter's in one Dome, they are not in Carter's in any other Dome.
########### End Quote ###########

Good luck guys! For the amount I counted, and the time it took, I don't think this event was worth at only 1k a tick. Meh, maybe I counted wrong... But still, took me forever... o_o


  1. I see you are trying to build up community here, keeping fingers crossed.

    Tip - make post about wtf is - shattercon dildocon etc, psot builds for classes (common builds). Those are most asked questions on chat so far ;)

  2. I gave this a try earlier.. but I couldn't be arsed hoping through every dome city, felt a bit too much like a hassle than a festive treat
    ~UnreaL Spectre