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Friday, November 12, 2010

New Equipment Droplist

Scroll down for additional information.

- Brawler's Beat Stick: Legion Brawlers (Open World)
- Helot Minigun: Any Elite Helots (PvE Missions)
- Legion SMG: Legion Grunts (Open World)

- Adrenaline Nanite Gun: Any Elite Alchemists (PvE Missions)
- Legion Combat Knife: Legion Grunts (Open World)
- Legion Sidearm: Legion Sergeant (Open World)

- Assassin's Sword: Any Elite Assassins (PvE Missions)
- Dweller Sniper Rifle: Elkas Snipers (Open World)
- Rusted Machete: Kanar Scout (Open World)


- Colony Energy Rifle: Colony Drones (Open World)
- Heavy Wrench: Colony Drones (Open World)
- Techro's Rumbleblaster: Any Elite Techros (PvE Missions)

Map (Click for fullsize)

General Notes about these Items
  • The weapon will only drop for you if you are on a class that can use it. I.e. no matter how many Elkas snipers you kill as a robo, a sniper rifle will never drop.
  • You CAN get drops if someone else in your team makes the kill, even if that person is not of the proper class.
Sonoran Desert Weapons
  • You can mail the Sonoran Desert weapons to other players. These weapons are bind on equip and currently cannot be auctioned.
  • There are no epic versions of the Sonoran Desert weapons - only uncommon and rare.

Video Guides

- iKill
- kotbiffen
- PaperThin
- Senen


  1. open world items can also be looted inside PvE Raids. i personally looted a colony energy rifle on my robo that way. message flashed after a teammate killed a colony driod.

  2. [url=][img][/img][/url]

    How to farm Brawlers

  3. just got an Assassin's Sword from PvP Demo mission, was on the Booster side, dunno if that was the difference...

  4. I saw an epic dweller rifle on the auction house today!