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Friday, July 23, 2010

SMGcon Guide

Please note that this guide is written primarily for Mercenary PvP.

The recon class (all specs) has a high skill ceiling which means that there is a big difference in player effectiveness between a poor Recon and an excellent one. I would argue that being a good recon (of any spec) takes alot more practice than any other class. Do not be discouraged if you fail the first few times you try smgcon.

These are just my recommend builds. Mess around and see what you like best.

Here are my suggestions:
(5/0/8) Glass Canon
(7/3/3) All Around Powerhouse

The cooldown skills are so you can keep VS and Bionics up as much as possible. Instead of using Bionics as a defensive tool, use it as an offensive tool to confuse your components by moving and jumping everywhere as you take them on.

  • SMG (Epic with Epic Damage Mod) - No brainer. Haven't tried the Raven, so can't speak to its effectiveness.
  • Targeting System - As an SMGcon, you won't need stealth, use Bionics to survive and get away. +20 Power and 15% damage with TS is awesome.
  • Visual Stim - Another nice damage boost - use it all the time
  • Mine - Nice Damage. Spam it every time its up.
  • Bionics - Use this when rushing your enemies and chasing them down. You will have minimum downtime on Bionics if using the above skill builds.

Experiment. If the situation calls for it, change your equipment in the middle of the match.

  • Epic Damage Mod for SMG
  • Ranged Damage Mods (Possibly adding a little AoE protection) for Armor (With Bionics you are fast enough to avoid most AoEs
  • Cooldown Mods for the offhands; Damage for Mines

Again, experiment. Mess around with common upgrades and use what you like best. My suggestions:

SMGcon Tips:
  • Your job is disruption. Be a Robo's worst nightmare. Take out all deployables, spike medics, hunt down that beacon!
  • With Bionics, jump into groups of enemies and keep moving. They will often leave the point to chase you, freeing up time for your teammates to cap it.
  • When chasing your enemies, use Targeting System to find their position when they hide around corners.
  • Feed off of health bubbles to survive. When your health is low and you can't rest, find a weak target (snipercon or lowbie medic) and kill them for their bubble

This guide is a Work In Progress. I will edit and add more a little bit later.

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